Question: How Do You Call A Girl Beautiful In Portuguese?

How do you compliment a girl in Portuguese?

So here are some more original ways to compliment a girl in Portuguese:Seu ____ é muito giro.

(“You’re wearing a very fine _______.”) — Portugal only.Que elegância.

(“You look elegant!”)Você tem um ótimo senso de humor.

Adoro suas manias.

Você me inspira.

Você tem um coração lindo..

What do you call your girlfriend in Portuguese?

Querido, docinho and amorzinho are affectionate pet names for a loved one in Portuguese. Querido(a) roughly translates to sweetheart or dear. Docinho translates to ‘little sweet’ which would have the meaning of ‘cutie’.

What are some Portuguese words?

Top 10 cool and common Portuguese words pronounced by native Portuguese speakersOlá. = Hello. … amor = love. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here. … felicidade = happiness. When there’s love, there’s definitely happiness. … gato = cat. … cão = dog. … sorrir = smile. … brasileiro = brazilian. … Sim.More items…

What is a garota?

The word garota means “girl”. … Both are used to refer to a girl or young woman, and garota can also be used with little girls -rapariga is more for teenagers and young women.

What does Gatinha mean in Brazil?

Literally meaning kitty, gatinha is used in a number of contexts, but is commonly used to mean babe, or beautiful or sexy girl.

What does magina mean in Portuguese?

“Magina” is a very informal way to say “imagina”. It’s more used in the informal spoken portuguese. Imagina means Imagine but is this case is like “no problem” (Sorry for my poor english) “Magina” is a very informal way to say “imagina”.

What does Linda mean in Brazil?

‘Linda’ means ‘beautiful’ (in an outstanding way). That’s a compliment, but not an usual way to call a woman. … ‘Gatinha’ literally means ‘kitten’ (female). It’s usually more acceptable than ‘linda’, but only because it is more widespread and have been used for a while.

What do they speak in Brazil?

PortugueseBrazil/Official languages

How do you say Girl in Mexican?

“Chica” means girl, but can be used casually to describe an adult woman. In Mexico, you can say, “muchacha” to mean a young woman. “Mina” is a colloquial way to refer to a young woman. You can also use “mujer,” which means, “woman.”

What do you call a Portuguese girl?

Portuguese Translation. menina. More Portuguese words for girl. as menina noun. child, she, missy, bint.

Can a woman say Obrigado?

Obrigada is how you say “thanks” to women, and “obrigado” is how you say it to men. obrigada is used by a female speaker, and obrigado is used by male speakers. That’s a very common misconception.

What do you call your boyfriend in Portuguese?

namorado, namorada -> boyfriend, girlfriend. These are the literal translations for boyfriend and girlfriend. In Brazilian Portuguese masculine words usually end in ‘-o’ while feminine ones end in ‘-a’. meu docinho -> my candy, my sweetie.

How do you say Girl in Brazil?

girlsmall) menina (BR) ⧫ rapariga (PT)young woman) jovem f ⧫ moça. ( daughter) filha.

How do you say the F word in Portuguese?

“Foder” (IU) it is the Portuguese equivalent to “fuck” even though it can’t be used the same way as the English adjective “fucking”.