Question: How Do You Say Something Is Well Said?

What is preach mean?

intransitive verb.

1 : to deliver a sermon.

2 : to urge acceptance or abandonment of an idea or course of action specifically : to exhort in an officious or tiresome manner..

Is well said hyphenated?

If I could think of a real example where I would use them as a compound adjective, preceding the noun, then I might hyphenate them – a well-said sentence, for example, or a spot-on remark. I wouldn’t normally use either of those. I would not refer to well-said, or any other hyphenated form, as a “hyphenate”.

What is another way to say very true?

What is another word for true?genuinerealactualaccurateexactprecisepropercorrectveraciousfactual224 more rows

When someone is well spoken?

Courteous in speech. The definition of well spoken is someone who communicates easily, correctly and eloquently. An example of a well spoken person is an English professor. Eloquent and able with regards to speech.

What is well written?

adjective (well written when postpositive) composed in a competent, and often entertaining, style.

What is the meaning of well said?

that was spoken wellInterjection. well said! A comment expressing approval; an accolade; “that was spoken well” (clearly or eloquently.)

How do you say very true?

very truequite right. phr.true.absolutely right. phr.regular.very truly. phr.veracious.unaffected.heartfelt.More items…

What does well articulated mean?

adjective. Having good articulation; especially (of words, thoughts, etc.) clearly spoken or expressed.

What does beautifully put mean?

When something is “beautifully put” it means that something was stated/worded very well. The person’s way of saying something was very eloquent. When something is “beautifully put” it means that something was stated/worded very well. The person’s way of saying something was very eloquent.

Is it well written or well written?

When used as an adjective before a noun, use “well-written,” as in, “That is a well-written book.” When used as a predicate adjective, there’s no hyphen, as in, “That book is “well written.”

What is another way to say well said?

well saidwell put. phr.well spoken. phr.nicely put. phr.beautifully put. phr.well done. phr.good point. phr.spoken well. phr.well-stated. adj. & phr.More items…

How do you say very well said?

very well saidwell said. phr.rightly said. phr.well spoken. phr.nicely put. phr.well put. phr.good point. phr.i agree with what you said. phr.well articulated. phr.More items…

Is it correct to say very well said?

The phrase “well said,” is more British than English. … The person saying “well said” is likely to be good at rhetoric and able to appreciate a good turn of phrase, and likely to create one of his own. So, when used properly, “well said” is itself well said: It is succinct and clearly to the point.