Question: What Language Is Wesolych Swiat?

What does Oplatek mean?

Oplatek is a thin wafer made of flour and water, similar in taste to the hosts that are used for communion during Mass.

The Christmas wafer is shared before Wigilia, the Christmas Eve supper.

Wishes for peace and prosperity are exchanged and even the pets and farm animals are given a piece of oplatek on Christmas Eve..

How do you say Santa Claus in Polish?

Polish: Święty Mikołaj (lit.

What does wesolych mean in Polish?

Merry ChristmasTranslations for „Wesołych“ in the English » Polish Dictionary (Go to Polish » English) Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt! Merry Christmas!

How do you wish Merry Christmas in Polish?

1- Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt!

How do you say Merry Christmas in Polish phonetically?

How to say Merry Christmas in Polish?Merry Christmas — Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia. … Happy New Year – Szczesliwego Nowego Roku. … In “bozego” /z/ is pronounced like the letter in the English words gin or like in Jane, June etc.

What is Christmas Eve in Polish?

WigiliaWigilia (Polish pronunciation: [viˈɡilʲa]) is the traditional Christmas Eve vigil supper in Poland, held on December 24.

Why are there 7 Fishes on Christmas Eve?

Every year in the U.S., many people celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes on Christmas Eve. … The ancient tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic custom of abstinence from meat and dairy products on the eve of certain holidays, including Christmas.

How do you say hello in Polish?

To say hello in Polish, say “cześć,” which is pronounced like “cheh-sh-ch.” For a more formal way to say hello, say “dzień dobry,” which means “good day.” Pronounce this phrase by saying “jayn DOH-bry.” You should use this greeting whenever you’re meeting someone for the first time, you’re in a professional setting, or …

What is Santa Claus called in Poland?

GwiazdorIn Polish, he’s called Gwiazdor (gvia-zdoohr) and he’s an older fellow dressed a bit like a bishop. He not only carries presents with him but also the aforementioned birch switch – if you’ve been bad, you’d better watch out.

Why is Polish Christmas on 24th?

Many Poles wait until the first star appears in the sky before sitting down to eat on 24th December. This tradition commemorates the Star of Bethlehem, which according to the New Testament guided the Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ.

What country celebrates Christmas on the 24th?

In most parts of Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Switzerland, presents are traditionally exchanged on the evening of 24 December. Children are commonly told that presents were brought either by the Christkind (German for Christ child), or by the Weihnachtsmann.