Quick Answer: What Does Enticing Mean?

What does slovenly mean?

untidy or unclean in appearance or habits.

characteristic of a sloven; slipshod: slovenly work..

What is another word for entice?

Some common synonyms of entice are decoy, inveigle, lure, seduce, and tempt.

What means allure?

Verb. attract, allure, charm, captivate, fascinate, enchant mean to draw another by exerting a powerful influence. attract applies to any degree or kind of ability to exert influence over another. students attracted by the school’s locale allure implies an enticing by what is fair, pleasing, or seductive.

What does seducer mean?

A seducer is someone who seduces someone else. He has a bad reputation as a seducer of both men and women. Synonyms: charmer, Don Juan, Casanova, philanderer More Synonyms of seducer.

What does transfixed mean?

to make or hold motionless with amazement, awe, terror, etc. to pierce through with or as if with a pointed weapon; impale. to hold or fasten with or on something that pierces.

What does entail mean?

to cause or involve by necessity or as a consequence: a loss entailing no regret. to impose as a burden: Success entails hard work. Law. to limit the passage of (a landed estate) to a specified line of heirs, so that it cannot be alienated, devised, or bequeathed.

What does it mean to entice someone?

: to attract (someone) especially by offering or showing something that is appealing, interesting, etc. See the full definition for entice in the English Language Learners Dictionary. entice. verb.

How do you entice someone?

Let’s say your friend wants to go to the movies and you don’t want to. Your friend might try to entice you by offering to buy you popcorn and a soda. Entice means to persuade with promises of something. The word entice means to lure or tempt someone by promising them something that they like.

What does chronology mean?

the sequential order in which past events occur. … the science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates and historical order of past events.

What does tempt mean?

to entice or allure to do something often regarded as unwise, wrong, or immoral. to attract, appeal strongly to, or invite: The offer tempts me. to render strongly disposed to do something: The book tempted me to read more on the subject. to put (someone) to the test in a venturesome way; provoke: to tempt one’s fate.

What does conceived mean?

verb (used with object), con·ceived, con·ceiv·ing. to form (a notion, opinion, purpose, etc.): He conceived the project while he was on vacation. to form a notion or idea of; imagine. to hold as an opinion; think; believe: I can’t conceive that it would be of any use.

Is enticed a word?

verb (used with object), en·ticed, en·tic·ing. to lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure; inveigle: They were enticed westward by dreams of gold.

How do you use enticing in a sentence?

Enticing in a Sentence 🔉Her dress was extremely enticing, drawing the attention of all the men gathered. … Though the bribe was enticing, the police officer had made a vow to uphold the law. … The prospect of gold in the west was enticing to many early settlers.More items…

What does enticing mean in English?

to lead on by exciting hope or desire; allure; inveigle: They were enticed westward by dreams of gold.

What’s enticing a minor mean?

(a) A person is guilty of enticing a minor when such person uses an interactive computer service to knowingly persuade, induce, entice or coerce any person under sixteen years of age to engage in prostitution or sexual activity for which the actor may be charged with a criminal offense. …

What does enormously mean?

: to a very great or enormous degree or extent : exceedingly, vastly an enormously popular performer an area of business that has grown enormously in recent years an enormously complicated problem.

What does circumnavigate mean?

to sail or fly around; make the circuit of by navigation: to circumnavigate the earth. to go or maneuver around: to circumnavigate the heavy downtown traffic.

What does enticing mean sexually?

This law prohibits the “enticement” of another person for the purposes of prostitution or sexual intercourse. For the purposes of this crime, “entice” means to lure, induce, persuade, tempt, incite, solicit, coax or invite.