What Are 3 Countries With Exactly 4 Letters In Their Name?

How many countries have the letter A in their name?

11 countriesOf the 194 countries on Earth, 11 countries start with the letter A.

There are 11 countries with names that begin with A.

A is the most popular letter for country names to begin with.

Interestingly, most country names that start in A also end in A, with the exception of Afghanistan and Azerbaijan..

How many countries have 4 letters in their English name?

11Today, the world has 195 countries, and of this total, 11 have English names that consist of four letters. Some of the nations with four letter names include Peru, Iraq, and Cuba.

What country has no A?

There are four countries in the Americas that do not include the letter A. These are Mexico in North America, Belize in Central America, and Chile, and Peru in South America. Belize was originally excluded from the list of countries without letter A since it was known as British Honduras.

What country begins with A?

AAfghanistan.Albania.Algeria.Andorra.Angola.Antigua and Barbuda.Argentina.Armenia.More items…

Which country name starts with A?

Countries that start with “A”#CountryDensity (P/Km²)1Argentina172Algeria183Afghanistan604Angola267 more rows

What country has the longest name?

Often alluded to as the UK, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the longest nation name, bragging 56 characters. The UK is a sovereign nation arranged on the northwestern shoreline of Europe. It involves the island of Great Britain and the northernmost area of the island of Ireland.

What country starts with Z?

ZambiaCountries that start with “Z”#CountryArea (Km²)1Zambia743,3902Zimbabwe386,850

What countries have 7 letters?

The following countries have seven letters in their names:Germany.Armenia.Hungary.Belgium.Romania.Finland.Ukraine.Estonia.More items…

What states only have 4 letters?

Of the 50 U.S. states, only three have four letters:Iowa.Ohio.Utah.

What country has only 4 letters?

FijiFiji. Fiji is an island nation that is considered part of the region called Oceania. Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Fiji is also part of Melanesia.

What country has 6 letters in its name?

Europe has many countries that have six-letter names. They include Sweden, France, Poland, Norway, Cyprus, Latvia, Serbia, Greece, Kosovo, and the tiny coastal country of Monaco. Two countries are located partly in Europe and partly in Asia, Turkey and Russia, and both of them have six letters in their names, as well.

What’s the only state capital with three words?

UtahUtah is the only state with a capital whose name consists of three words: Salt Lake City.

Which state capitals are also the names of US presidents?

The state capitals named after U.S. presidents are: Lincoln, NE, Jackson, MS, Madison, WI, and Jefferson City, MO.

Which country name has 5 words in it?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has five words and four bonus words. Some examples are: India, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Chile, Gabon, Congo, Ghana, Benin, Qatar, China, Nepal, Japan, etc.

What countries have 3 letters in their name?

Philippines.Ethiopia.Iran.Democratic Republic of the Congo.Thailand.

What state has only one syllable?

MaineMaine is the only state in the United State with only one syllable.

What country flag has 4 colors?

The national flag of Mauritius, also known as the Four Bands and Les Quatre Bandes (French for “the four bands”), was adopted upon independence, March 12, 1968. It consists of four horizontal bands of equal width, coloured (from top to bottom) red, blue, yellow, and green.

What countries have 9 letters?

Countries – 9 lettersResultsInstant LookupArgentinaW O DAustraliaW O DCosta RicaW O DEast TimorW O D19 more rows