What Has A Neck With No Head And Arms With No Hands?

What is lighter than air but Cannot be lifted?

I’m lighter than air but a million men can’t lift me.

What am I.

A bubble..

What has a face but no body?

Explanation : A Dice has 6 faces, since it is a cuboid. It does not have a body. The numbers on each face sums up to 21 and are referred as eyes but you cannot see through them.

What’s heavy forward but not backwards?

I am heavy forward, but backwards I’m not. What am I? Answer: Ton.

What can fly without wings?

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What has two hands and no arms?

clockAnswer. A clock has two hands but no arms.

What can you throw but not catch?

What can you catch but not throw? Your breath or an illness (a cold, virus, the flu etc). Your breath or an illness (a cold, virus, the flu etc).

What is deep within never dies?

What is deep within you, never dies or gets worn out, and only needs some fire from time to time? Your soul. Your soul is deep inside of you, it never dies and at various points in our lives we all get fired up about something. Your soul.

What is lighter than air can be seen?

Vink’s Riddle: “What is lighter than air, can be seen by the naked eye, and if put in a barrel, will make the barrel lighter?” A hole! Not AAA whole but a whole.

What has roots that Cannot be seen?

All Sphinx’s Riddle Answers in Assassin’s Creed OdysseyRiddleAnswerWhat is large, yet never grows; has roots that cannot be seen; and is taller than trees?A mountainI’m alive, but without breath; I’m as cold in life as in death; I’m never thirsty, though I always drink.A fish10 more rows•Jun 11, 2020

What is taller than trees but never grows?

Is taller than trees, Up, up it goes, And yet never grows?” (Answer: a mountain)”

What has four legs but Cannot walk?

Answer. I think the answer is Chair.

What can run but Cannot walk?

A river, because a river can run, but it can’t walk. Only three things exist in the nature , which can run but not walk. … It can run fast, it can run slow and sometimes it throws exceptions and then you need to run it again.

What Cannot be seen Cannot be felt?

Gollum: It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills, and empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, ends life, kills laughter.

What has to hands but no arms?

So the answer to this riddle is a Clock.

What has hands but no arms and a face but no eyes?

I have a face but no eyes, hands but no arms. What am I? Answer: A clock.

What has ring but no finger?

What has a ring but no finger? A telephone or alarm.

What has 13 hearts but no organs?

A deck of cards.

Who is that with a neck and no head two arms and no hands what is it answer?

ZombieThe correct answer is Zombie. It has no heart but is still alive. 5.

Who is that with a neck and no head?

The answer to the “who is that with a neck and no head” riddle is “a shirt”. There you have it! We mentioned that it can be more than one thing as the correct answer could also be a sweater etc.

What has arms and legs but no head?

What has arms and legs but no head? A chair.

What is white when it’s dirty?

What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty? A chalkboard (or blackboard). It’s solid black when clean, and as you write on it with white chalk it becomes dirty. A chalkboard (or blackboard).